Friday Podcast: Trip Hawkins Discusses Facebook Games, NanoStar Castles and Shrek

logologoI had the opportunity to talk with Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts and Digital Chocolate, about his new NanoStar card game platform, Facebook games, the importance of story inside of games and more. Click below to hear the interview.


Trip discussed the parallels between today’s social gaming world and the gaming world he helped to define when he founded Electronic Arts. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The NanoStar Platform was a dream of Trip’s 16 years ago
  • Originally based on trading card games that Trip enjoyed
  • The NanoStar characters on the platform are going to be part of all types of games
  • The NanoStar games will be developed by Digital Chocolate for now but Trip isn’t ruling out opening it up to other developers
  • The key hallmark of NanoStar universe is having those characters
  • Trip explained a lot about the characters and backstory, and revealed there’s a lot more backstory that hasn’t been revealed about the NanoStar universe
  • Each card will try to be unique
  • Casual and Social games are so important to a new demographic that has been passed over by core console gamers
  • The game and platform focuses on diversity and was really founded on the idea of virtual goods that do different things across different games
  • Trip believes Facebook will easily hit 1 billion users, and will be a force for gaming and social interactions for years to come
  • Please listen to the interview for more!