Friday Photo: Funnel Cakes vs. Fashion

CFR spring 09.jpg
Photos: UnBeige

Those who made their way to downtown Manhattan earlier today for the showing of designer Christian Francis Roth‘s comeback collection, Francis, in the gym of the St. Patrick’s Youth Center found Mulberry Street decked out for the annual San Gennaro Festival, which runs through September 21. While one might expect a funnel cake stand (pictured above) operating beside a snaking line at lunchtime to be overrun with takers, the fashion crowd was more interested in the woman handing out complimentary copies of WWD and the list-wielding PR reps scribbling seat assignments.

The afternoon may have been a bust for the funnel cake sellers but more sweet treats were waiting inside for showgoers. The brown paper lunch sack-style gift bags—on each of which a very patient someone had written “Francis” with black marker—held a trio of “CFR” cookies from Cookie Panache. Their subway signage look was a nod to Roth’s inspiration for his exuberantly colored, Teen Vogue-flavored spring collection: New York cliques, described in the show notes as “equal parts Gossip Girl, The Warriors, and A Clockwork Orange.” Alas, the show didn’t get out in time for attendees to make the San Gennaro Festival’s 7th Annual Cannoli Eating Competition, which kicked off at 1:00 P.M. a few blocks away. There’s always next year.