Friday Nights, Skip Bayless is All About Jeopardy!

We thoroughly enjoyed the profile of ESPN2 First Take co-host Skip Bayless in the Washington Post by Rick Maese.

Some people who have known Bayless personally for decades don’t recognize the guy on the air, at all. But the 62-year-old Bayless insists it’s not an act. There’s also a funny little tidbit about Bayless’ Friday-night routine with girlfriend Ernestine Sclafani:

She lives in Manhattan, and he’s mostly in Connecticut. They reunite on weekends, and on Fridays, they’ll watch a week’s worth of Jeopardy! episodes — “He competes with me,” Sclafani says — before catching a movie.

Nothing wrong with that. And picking up on the format of this couple’s time-shift favorite, we have one more observation to share about the WaPo piece. Think of it as our version of Quotables for 400; to the answer Stephen A. Smith, FishbowlNY says – “Who has the funniest quote in the whole article?”