Friday Munchies: Seattle PD Gives Free PR to Frito-Lay at ‘Hempfest’

Boy oh boy, those sure do look like Scooby snacks.

Frito-Lay—or, more specifically, Dorito’s—received a bit of free viral PR this week via an unlikely source: the Seattle Police Department.

On Saturday the city will host its annual “Hempfest”, a gathering of like-minded people dedicated to making rope, oils and clothing from the world’s most naturally resistant fiber (we kid, we kid). Cops surveying the festival plan to hand out 1,000 bags of munchies in what the department is honestly calling “Operation Orange Fingers”. Said bags will each bear stickers urging attendees to visit the department’s Marijwhatnow page for more details of the 2012 laws which legalized simple possession of that one thing in Washington State.

We would mention that they’ll also arrest anyone found possessing more than the legal amount of weed or trying to drive while under the (obvious) influence, but we wouldn’t want to harsh your buzz. We’re more amused by the department’s Twitter responses:

Pot smokers eating Doritos? Why, that’s an even more offensive stereotype than…cops eating donuts!

Yes, these sorts of snarky messages look a little strange between reports of crimes committed and suspects arrested. But we love the feed monitor’s lightheartedness—and his willingness to call out other humorless tweeters:

Here’s what we don’t get: why doesn’t Dorito’s just embrace its status as the favored snack of the perceptually challenged? The Taco Bell partnership was close, but we think they should go a step further. We’ll even suggest a tagline:

It’s 4:21. Do you know where your chips are?

Get back to us, Frito-Lay.