Friday Morning Laughs: 10,000 Tweets, Tiny Hamsters, and More

TGIF! This week we have tiny hamsters on Thanksgiving, SNL's 10,000 tweets, and more.

TGIF everyone! Whether you’re buried under six feet of snow in Buffalo or staying warm somewhere (in which case we are not friends), these videos should help you keep that Friday feeling all weekend long. Tiny hamsters, cute kids and the coolest wife ever top this week.

10,000 tweets! 10,000 tweets!

Let this unaired SNL clip (it’s pretty long, but the Woody Harrelson-as-god cameo is worth it) be a reminder to us all that our tweets are just tweets.

Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving

In the name of Thanksgiving, and following the longstanding tradition of tiny hamsters eating burritos, here are the tiny guys enjoying a turkey feast.

Kid President in 2016

I think kid president should just be president. Seriously, “here is a corn dog because you are my friend!”

Hip, Hop, Hooray

I thought I could rock Salt’N’Pepa like nobody’s business, but this woman has got it down. Her face when she catches her husband filming makes it all worth it.

What’s It Like To Be a Meme?

And here’s Benedict Cumberbatch being teased for being a meme and taking it at a Vanity Fair event. Not a fan? There’s always this guy.