Friday Mobile Roundup: Origin, Game Launches, Angry Birds, & More

EA Reveals Mobile Integration of Origin — At EA’s Summer Showcase event yesterday, the company revealed new features for its upcoming Origin social gaming network. It syncs with iOS, and Android, allows users to import Facebook and Twitter friends, hosts universal leaderboards, lets players jump between Orgin-supported games without returning to their dashboard, and in general “lets you find out what your friends are doing.” Additionally, games are saved on a cloud server, so users can pick up their games from any device.

Senior vice president at Electronic Arts Interactive, Chip Lange, also showed new features for the coming released of FIFA 12 on iOS, which will allow users to link up two iPhone 4 devices as controllers, and then link those to an iPad via Bluetooth, which can then transmit the game to a big screen TV. Also, Scrabble will be made cross-platform, allowing users on one platform to play with those on another.

[Launch] Launches New Titles — Cross-platform social games developer has announced two new titles this week for both mobile and Facebook. For the former, the iOS game of Miner Speed comes to Android, and for the latter, the company has released Mahjong Saga.

[Launch] Instacolor Helps Discover New Users & Photos — TechCrunch has come across an interesting new iOS application that combines elements of Instagram and Color to make Instacolor. Signing in with an Instagram ID, users can discover new people and photos, in real time, based on their current location.

[Launch] TeamLava Games Come to Android — Storm8‘s TeamLava has ported three of its most popular free-to-play games to Android, says VentureBeat. The games of City Story, Fashion Story, and Zoo Story are now available in the Android Market. The post also highlights several Storm8 metrics including 210 million downloads, 18 billion minutes played, and over 3 billion gifts received in games.

[Launch] King of Fighters Comes to iOS — Another popular fighting game franchise has found its way onto the iOS. The King of Fighters, from SNK Playmore, is now available on iPhone for $7.99

[Launch] Glu Mobile Launches Another Gun Bros Iteration — Yet another launch of note appears today as Glu Mobile releases the freemium game Eternity Warriors. The medieval hack-and-slash app, however, is another variation of the company’s popular Gun Bros. game.

[Announcement] 3D Bike Game Coming to iOS — Spain-based Bravo Game Studios has officially announced the coming of its 3D trial bike iOS game Xtreme Wheels. The stunt bike title is slated for a July 14th release. A trailer can be found here.

Angry Birds Film Is Real — Rovio Mobile’s recently hired, former Marvel Studios chairman David Maisel has confirmed, in an interview with Variety, that an Angry Birds movie is indeed in the works. However, the release should not be expected before 2014.

Mobile Worth 2% of Global GDP — Gigaom is reporting a new set of data from analyst Chetan Sharma. According to the report, the mobile industry is expected to generate $1.3 trillion in 2011, making up 2 percent of global gross domestic product.

Verizon Announces Motorola Droid 3 — Earlier this week, Verizon Wireless announced the coming of its Motorola Droid 3 handset. While better than the Droid 2, it does lack faster 4G LTE capability.

SMS GupShup Helps Companies Reach Mobile Users — According to TechCrunch, a group out of India called SMS GupShup is launching a new service dubbed BizShup today. The service is intended to aide small businesses, allowing them to easily create mobile campaigns and send messages to GupShup’s 45 million members.

Kickanotch Raises $500,000 — Mobile marketing startup Kickanotch Mobile has announced the raising of $500,000 in seed funding today. The round was led by six angel investors and Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation. The funding is intended to expand on its cloud-based technology, mobile platforms, and hiring.