Friday Link Roundup: Native Advertising and a ‘Cool’ Button

coolbuttonIt’s been a busy week for breaking and on-going news, so why not try to relax this weekend with a little journalist-focused navel gazing?

1) First of all, if you aren’t already hooked on Last Week Tonight, you should get hooked. Not only is it funny, but he rants often about things we care about, most notably net neutrality. This week, it was native advertising. I agree with him — but Digiday says he’s gotten it wrong. I call that “repurposed bovine waste.”

2) Twitter chats are hard to follow and sometimes annoying, but PBS News Hour puts on some good ones. This week, they held a chat on Internet filter bubbles. You can check it out here (and if anyone Storified it, please share). Add #newshourchats to your weekly list of things to procrastinate with. You know how sometimes everyone seems to be talking about the same random issue? The Atlantic also released a good piece on how social media has changed journalism yesterday, too.

3) And this I just think is a very, very good idea. Please discuss.

Any other good links we missed this week? Let us know in the comments or @10,000Words.

Image via The Atlantic