Friday Fun: Control Someone Else’s Twitter Identity (Without Hacking)

Ever wanted to be Mr. T for a day? Well, maybe that’s no one’s fantasy, but if you knew it was possible to do, wouldn’t you at least be kind of curious? A neat little web-based app lets you be Mr. T or a host of other characters on Twitter – and it doesn’t rely on hacking to do it.

MockingBirdz offers 11 personas that you can slip into, tweet from, and slip out of without anyone knowing you were there.

They’ve grabbed 11 Twitter usernames and they let you select one of them to send an anonymous tweet from. So effectively, you can be Mr. T (@mr_Teeee) for a tweet. Or two. Or three.

If being Mr. T isn’t your thing, why not pretend to be the color green? Or Wagsie the dog? You can even become baked Steve Jobs, whose bio says that he’s “Thinking different, if you know what I mean.”

It’s actually pretty funny to read the timeline of one of these personas. Most people play along, and actually pretend that they are that person, at least for one tweet. Mr. T’s account, for instance, tweeted this morning: “I pity the fool who doesn’t put #Bugles on their fingers.” Maybe not 100% in character, but it’s close! And baked Steve Jobs “just ate soooo many nanos!”

Your tweets will remain anonymous (unless you @mention someone), so why don’t you have a little irreverent fun today and try it out?