FreshPlanet Releases BoxPop on iOS

boxpop 650

SongPop developer FreshPlanet has released its newest game on iOS: BoxPop. The company’s newest ‘pop’ game is a puzzle title that asks players to pop boxes in L-shaped paths. Inspired by the movement of a knight on a chessboard, each level challenges players to remove every individual square from a shape on the board, one L-shaped jump at a time.

BoxPop starts incredibly simply, but becomes challenging over time, with larger and more complex shapes. When gamers begin, the game highlights any available moves with orange squares, but players must choose which one to actually remove. If they take the wrong path, they might isolate their “token” in a corner of the board without any future moves.

Players earn up to three stars on each level, depending on the number of squares they’ve cleared from the board. Users can replay stages to earn missed stars, and will earn multiple in-game achievements for completing stages in bulk.

At launch, BoxPop offers over 40 levels across eight increasingly larger grid sizes. More puzzles will be added in the future.

BoxPop is available to download for free on iOS.