FreshPlanet Launches TravelPop Quiz Game on Facebook

travelpop 650SongPop developer FreshPlanet has released its newest game on Facebook: TravelPop. The geography and culture quiz game asks players to view images of geographical landmarks, iconic dishes and more from around the world, and quickly answer “yes or no” or “this or that” questions about them. Players can challenge friends or random opponents to one-on-one matches, first choosing a country, and then picking a topic within that country.

The game supports topics relating to multiple countries, including the US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain and the United Kingdom. While it’s easy to assume a resident of Australia would know more about Australian culture and geography than a non-resident (for instance), users can choose categories in any country they’d like.

Like in SongPop, players take turns choosing the country and category, with both players looking to identify the same 10 images in that category in each round. These typically ask users to pick whether or not a particular image relates to that chosen country. For instance, a picture of a crepe in an American food quiz would be a “no,” while a picture of Boston creme pie would be a “yes.”travelpop 650 2Some countries are also broken down into more specialized topics, like Las Vegas or Los Angeles within the US, or Paris in France, as examples. Other quizzes may combine two locations, and ask users to identify images based on whether they represent “Paris or New York,” as one example.

Only a few quiz categories are available within each country to start. Additional categories can be unlocked using coins, which are earned while playing or can be purchased with real money. To incentivize friend invites, players are also given opportunities to unlock new categories for free when inviting friends to play the game. In these cases, friends aren’t required to accept the invite to unlock the category.

Players earn mastery points for each quiz they complete, with separate points going to an individual category, as well as the player’s overall level in a particular country. That is, a player could have a Level 2 rating for Brazil, but have less than a full star (out of five) for Brazilian culture. The higher the country level, the more individual categories within that country are available for purchase.

After each round, players can take a more casual look at the images they tried to identify, to learn more about them. In a food quiz, for instance, the pictures may tell users a dish’s correct country of origin, or a few details about the dish’s preparation. Users can share individual items with their friends on Facebook, or to a board on Pinterest. Wikipedia links are also available for learning further information about the item or location.

The more gamers play, the more achievements they’ll unlock, which are represented by in-game travel souvenirs. Many of these are unlocked by simply playing in certain categories, or by spending coins to unlock categories, and so on.

TravelPop is available to play for free on Facebook, and contains 30,000 images across 140 categories to start. The game is also available on iOS devices, and includes the option of sharing content to additional sources, including Instagram, text, email and Twitter.