FreshPlanet Announces SongPop 2 for Mobile, Facebook

The music trivia game will feature new songs, a tournament mode and more.

SongPop 2

Mobile game developer FreshPlanet has announced the development of SongPop 2, a sequel to the company’s original SongPop, a major hit from 2012. In SongPop 2, users will once again be challenged to identify songs as quickly as they can, but a new gameplay mode, new songs and more will also be available.

SongPop 2’s biggest new feature is Party Mode, which is described as a “tournament-style mode that allows players to test their skills without needing to wait around for their opponent to make a move.” In the first SongPop, players were somewhat limited in their song selections, based on the playlists they had unlocked. In SongPop 2’s Party Mode, however, users will be able to play using songs outside of those lists.

Breaking down this Party Mode even further, we know players will compete in a series of ten-question music trivia quizzes. Each quiz will add to the player’s overall score and help them climb the global leaderboard. When the tournament is over, the top players will receive prizes including coins, power-ups and VIP badges.

SongPop 2 will offer tens of thousands of new songs, with FreshPlanet planning to add a new pack of six playlists (or 200 songs) each week after release. All of these will be free-to-try. New players to the franchise will start with six playlists, while players of the original SongPop can sync their accounts and instantly access all of their unlocked and purchased playlists, continuing where they left off.

In a statement, FreshPlanet CEO, Mathieu Nouzareth, commented on the game’s development:

We were thrilled to see how many people were playing SongPop over the years. Think of SongPop 2 as a love letter to our community. We listened to their feedback, and now we’re using it to design a game that expands on everything they loved about the original – plus a fresh new look and a ton of extra surprises.

SongPop 2 will hit iOS later this year, followed by releases on Android and Facebook. Check back soon for more.