Freewebs Jumps on the Facebook Bandwagon

Freewebs LogoMany have been speculating about whether or not other social networks and websites would start opening up as a result of Facebook’s actions. Yesterday I discussed LinkedIn opening up their platform and now Freewebs has as well. While this is not identical to what Facebook has done, it is in the same open-source spirit. Through agreements with Widgetbox, RockYou!, Picnik, Photobucket and Gizmoz, Freewebs will share its API. I have a feeling that all the social networks are working rapidly to follow suit. If Facebook’s decision to open their platform creates a domino effect in the industry, there is going to be a new golden age on the net resulting from a new wave of development shops that will cater to social network development.

Not only did Freewebs open up their API today but they also have developed a new application on the Facebook platform. This application is called “Family” and it enables users to keep in touch with their family. I went ahead and added the application and am not quite sure what value the application adds. Apparently it gives you one click access to your family from your profile. I also had some issues when browsing through my friends to pick out family members given that they aren’t displayed in alphabetical order. If you want to show off who your family members are then this application is for you. Otherwise I don’t see much point. If you are big on family and want to give them some real estate on your profile go grab the Family application. Overall, congrats to Freewebs for jumping on the Facebook train.