(Freemium Summit) Mobile Game Developers are Bullish on the iPad

WebNewser is reporting from the Freemium Summit in San Francisco today, which is looking at innovative business models that pair free offerings with paid ones.

Execs from the makers of some of the leading apps on the iPhone told the audience at the Freemium Summit that they think the iPad is going to open up a whole new arena for games.

Jeff Smith, Co-founder & CEO, Smule

I am thrilled about the iPad. It’s going to define a new category in home entertainment, and then it will go from there beyond home entertainment. For us, in the sphere of social music, [the fact that it will] be a richer experience, have more screen real estate, [and provide] the ability to really engage with products through this touch interface just opens up a set of possibilities we are dreaming of now. We will launch, with Apple, April 3, on the device, a brand new piece of IP, completely tuned to the iPad. We wouldn’t do that unless we were extremely bullish.

Andrew Lacy, Co-founder & COO, Tapulous

I can’t wait for the launch. I think it will be bigger than most people think it will be. What it means for games may not necessarily play itself out in the super short term. A lot of the early adopters might be more interested in some of the other, non-gaming applications…. But it’s hard not to say that the additional screen real estate is going to make for much more immersive games over the course of 2010.

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