Freelancing vs. Full Time: Which Should You Choose?

Becoming a freelancer is a brave transition for any professional. It involves leaving a stable job and routine and creating something entirely new on your own.

There are plenty of downsides to freelancing: You have no set routine, it can be lonely and your financial situation is in a constant state of flux.

But if you like the idea of being in control and getting out there to grab clients yourself, then maybe a freelance career is right for you. Plus, there’s the emotional satisfaction of a job well done:

It’s true there can be a lot of stress related to running your own business (rush jobs, late payments, etc.), but to me there’s nothing like the self-satisfaction it can bring. I once wrote a piece on health issues for adults ages 60+. It was real information, not just “Five Ways to Prevent Back Sprain.” One of the topics was on PTSD in older veterans. After the work was published, a widow called me in tears. She told me her husband, a vet, had changed and become violent in the last years of his life. At least now she understood why. Wow!

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— Aneya Fernando

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