Freelancers: When Should You Leave A Client?

Becoming a freelancer after working full time at a more traditional job can be a daunting transition. You are suddenly forced to be your own boss, create your own schedule and hunt for clients yourself.

Although there are plenty of benefits to becoming a freelancer, one of the major downfalls is the lack of financial stability. And nowadays, there seems to be a constant battle between what you should be paid and what you’re actually getting:

The “I can get it cheaper mindset” seems more prevalent since the Internet boom. Clients see numerous listings for blog posts at “5 cents a word” or “$6 a page” or “$10 an hour.” So often they don’t realize how unrealistic these rates are once issues like research, interviews, deadlines — plus overall skill — are factored in. Graphic designer Lucy A. Clark feels you have to hold your ground. “Unless you can educate [potential clients] about what’s really involved, walk away,” she said.

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— Aneya Fernando

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