Freelancers Find ‘Coffice Romance’ Via Coffee Shops

Ever heard of the term “coffice romance?” You have now.

It’s no surprise when freelancers lack an office, they head to the local coffee shop to work. And just like a “real” office, sparks may begin to fly.

For instance, today’s New York Post focuses on a freelance writer who worked at her local cafe before being approached by a guy about the book she was reading for research. Well, they hit it off, went out that night and moved from the cafe to a local bar.

Consider it a “coffice romance” if you will. Without cubicles, water coolers or colleagues, it matters not. Flirtation still occurs in the office away from the office — by that we mean the local cafe with WiFi, of course.

Instead of renting office space or working from home, many freelancers prefer to be with others in a coffee shop as they connect over java.

It’s no surprise. As pointed out in the piece, about 42 million Americans do some type of freelance work and just looking at our profession, whether you blog or build a Web site, chances are the local Starbucks has folks working on similar projects with equivalent goals.

Sam Title, creator of The Coffice, an online and interactive community, told the newspaper how simple an opening line can be in a coffee shop. “You can walk up to anyone — male or female — and ask them if their Wi-Fi is slow.”

And it may not even sound like a pick-up line since it simply opens up both people to conversation. Plus, the environment may feel non-threatening and low maintenance as well.

Thomas Edwards, founder of the Professional Wingman, a date and relationship coaching service explained to the Post, “Because it’s at a day at a coffee shop, your defenses are much lower. You normally don’t talk to anyone and don’t expect to…at a bar you expect to be approached.”