Freelancer: Do My Job For Me For Free

Best job ad…ever? Or just most brilliant plan to get rich off the backs of unpaid interns?
A freelance journalist has posted an ad for an “enthusiastic and motivated intern to assist with finding real life stories for magazines such as Now, More, Cosmo, Fabulous and many more.” The job description is essentially coming up with story ideas “and then chasing these stories” (side note: the ad says “chasing stories” like four times in as many words!), pitching, interviewing, and networking with editors. This intern would be diong everything except writing the story, it sounds like.
It’s unpaid, but as always, “for the right candidate there is the definite potential for a permanent role.”
Be warned: according to the job poster’s portfolio, “real life” is apparently a UK-ism for “swingers, boob jobs, and lap dances.” Ew.