Free Xbox Live Versions of Minesweeper & Sudoku for Windows Phone Available

Microsoft’s summer string of high profile game releases for Windows Phone were all paid games like Angry Birds and Plants vz. Zombies. This week, however, Microsoft released two classic games for free. And, they are integrated with Xbox Live: Xbox Live Sudoku and Xbox Live Minesweeper.

They’re classics. They’re new from Xbox LIVE. And they’re free!

Long time Microsoft Windows users will remember when Solitaire and (later) Minesweeper shipped with the desktop operating system and destroyed productivity on millions of destops. Minesweeper is the game where the goal is to clear the board using flags to safely mark potential hidden mines. Sudoku is the popular paper and pencil based numbers game that has become a mobile device game mainstay over the years.

If the gameplay essentials of these games aren’t addictive enough, these Xbox Live versions add powerups, achievements and leaderboards as added incentives. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself playing a few extra rounds (or 10 in my case) just to get to the next achievement.

Both games can be found in the Marketplace app on Windows Phone.