Free Xbox Game with a Purchase of any Windows Phone

There three ways people will interpret this marketing gimmick.

Buy Windows Phone, Get a Free Xbox Game

1. It is a great marketing move and good deal for consumers that highlights Windows Phone 7’s Xbox Live integration.
2. It is a move of desperation to bring up poor Windows Phone 7 sales.
3. It is good marketing move to prop up low Windows Phone 7 sales numbers.

I should note we haven’t seen hard sales numbers. So, we don’t know how badly or well Windows Phone 7 unit sales are.

The free game can be chosen from one this group of games:

– Fable 3
– Halo Reach
– Kinectimals
– Kinect Joy Ride

As you can see, there is a little bit of a Kinect push too. And, Kinect sales appear to be very good so far. You can find details about this offer here: