Twitter Is Giving $100 In Free Advertising To 10,000 Small Businesses

Attention small businesses!

If you’ve been wanting to try out Twitter’s advertising capabilities, but were unwilling to devote your limited marketing resources to tweets, now is the time to reconsider.

Twitter is giving away $100 in advertising credits to the first 10,000 small businesses to apply (and qualify).

Why use Twitter advertising?

As they speak to in this post announcing the $100 give away, it’s a great way “to quickly gain new followers, reach new customers and drive more traffic.” That’s why.

We know, the ‘lover of all that is free’ in you wants to check it out, but the ‘skeptic in you’ is hesitant. Here are some small business success stories to help you conquer that fear and let the ‘kid in you’ move forward with reckless abandon. (We apologize if the old cereal commercial reference was lost on you.)

So – why the give away?

It’s in support of Small Business Saturday, of course – a program sponsored by Twitter partner and credit card giant, American Express.

And regardless of why, Twitter is giving away up to $1 million in free advertising credits to the first 10,000 eligible small business advertisers based in the U.S. (at $100 each), to use for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts. And we told you earlier that these products seem to work (according to this study) – so you should be happy for the opportunity to try them for free, in our humble, unbiased, Twitter-obsessed opinion.

Additional eligibility criteria here:

That describes you? Great! Apply here!
But, not so fast! Additionally: “This offer is available for Twitter accounts that tweet business news and updates to their followers and who actively engage with and respond to other Twitter users through mentions, Retweets, and replies.”
So if you haven’t been “actively engaging” with folks and just pushing out tweets (bad form, really), you should do something about that before applying, because we’re pretty sure they’re going to check.
Have you had any luck with promoted tweets?
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