Free Training For Journalists: Layoff-Proof Yourself

Hey journos—it can’t hurt to brush up on those skills and possibly make yourself more layoff-proof.

So the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism’s offering three free one-day sessions on various business topics.

  • In New York City: Covering the 2009 Reregulation of America, Oct 5, 2009.
    Reynolds Center says: “The global economic meltdown is being blamed partly on a failure to regulate financial institutions adequately. Learn what new regulations might be coming and what local stories you should be covering both now and when the new rules hit. Presenters for the day will be Jodi Schneider, director of training and development for the newsroom of Congressional Quarterly, and James Gentry, journalism professor at the University of Kansas.”
  • In Chicago: Covering the 2009 Financial World: New Rules, New President, Oct. 16, 2009. Reynolds says: “Learn how the financial crisis developed and what local stories you should be covering now. Presenters for the day will be Schneider and Gentry.”
  • In Los Angeles: Investigative Business Journalism Workshop with Pulitzer winner Jim Steele, Oct 21, 2009. Reynolds says: “Steele will cover the detection of red flags in public and private companies’ financial documents and the research and reporting techniques involved in investigating businesses. In addition, Gentry will talk about how to put companies under the microscope.”

Don’t live in any of these cities? Sign up for a free week-long online session, “Understanding Financial Statements” led by James Gentry. That one’s July 20-24 in the evenings.