Free Text-to-Tweet, From Anywhere in the World

You can now send a tweet from anywhere in the world through SMS. No more waiting for a data signal – HeyWire, a real-time messaging hub, has announced that its users can use HeyTweets to text-to-tweet from their mobile phones wherever they are in the world.

Heywire allows its members to text from their own dedicated phone number, and its latest addition, HeyTweets, capitalizes on this functionality. Using the Twitter shortcode 40404, users can send out a tweet from their mobile phone regardless of geographic location.

HeyTweets supports all major languages, for a truly global approach to text-to-tweeting. Currently, HeyWire is the only service that enables users to tweet from anywhere in the world.

HeyWire with HeyTweets built-in is currently available in the Apple App store, and is scheduled to be released on Android devices in the near future.

The mobility that HeyTweets offers will surely appeal to travelers and a younger crowd, possibly driving growth for Twitter as people flock to this service.