Free Template Creates Facebook Pages Via Photoshop

Photoshop and Facebook page creation are becoming more intertwined thanks to a free template from Hike.

Photoshop and Facebook page creation are becoming more intertwined: Hike has released a free Photoshop template for Facebook pages, joining fellow German company 247Grad‘s Facebook Page GUI, which was introduced earlier this month.

Hike’s template is vector-based, with individual elements set in the exact pixel locations that they occupy on Facebook pages.

Only the icons are not incorporated in the form of vectors.

The layers in the Photoshop documents are named in a manner that speeds the incorporation process.

The template can be viewed in four different ways:

  • Wall displays the Facebook page white board with text items.
  • Wireframe wall has the details replaced by placeholders.
  • Custom tab is a base with items represented by text.
  • Custom tab wireframe, much like the other wireframe option, replaces text components with placeholders.

The use of Photoshop to create Facebook pages seems like it would make things simpler for designers and photographers to create professional presences on the social network.

Readers, have any of you attempted to build a Facebook page via Photoshop?