Free Replica Super Bowl Game Program For The iPad

Most of our readers, particularly those in the United States, know that it is Super Bowl weekend. Like most people who are from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, I am a life time Green Bay Packer fan, so I am particularly interested in the game. (Go Pack, Go!)

While I would love to actually be at the game, I’ll enjoy watching it in the comfort of my basement. This year I have a little bit of the game right with me on my iPad thanks to the NFL providing a replica of the official Super Bowl game program as a free iPad app. In addition to providing all of the contents from the actual game program, the app takes full advantage of the iPad by including video clips of some of the best plays in the NFL this year.

The video clips include Marshawn Lynch’s 67-yard run during this years AFC wildcard game, and the onside kick the New Orlean Saints pulled off during last year’s Super Bowl. You will also see Devin Hester set the NFL record for career returns for touchdowns, and New England Patroit offensive lineman Dan Connolly’s 71-yard kick-off return in a game this year against my Packers.

If you are lucky enough to be at the Super Bowl this year, and you have an iPhone or iPad, you might want to install the NFL’s Official Super Bowl XLV Guide. This app provides maps showing all of the events going on during this year’s Super Bowl, along with 3D images of Cowboy Stadium that you can manipulate with your fingers. Wondering where is the nearest restroom from your location in the stadium? There is an app for that!