Free Range Content's Repost.Us Enters Content-Syndication Game

The latest addition to the list of online content-syndication services comes from Free Range Content: Repost.Us, a Web-based solution that debuts Tuesday, is fully automated, removing the human element and allowing publishers and content creators to share content.
However, the original content does not appear on syndicators’ sites: Repost.Us issue embed codes, loading content directly from its origination site into the reader’s browser, guaranteeing content integrity and ensuring that the original publisher remains the primary search destination.
Publishers and content creators can choose from four monetization options: embedded advertising from Repost.Us; embedded advertising from the publisher; paid syndication with tiered pricing based on number of impressions (page views); or free syndication (including open licenses such as Creative Commons).
Partners at launch include Worldcrunch, The EDGE Gay Media Network,, and FanSided.
The CEO of Free Range, which was founded in January 2010, is John Pettitt, founder of Cybersource and
Pettitt said:

The Internet is no longer simply about bringing traffic to your site. Content needs to be portable and go where the readers are, which requires the ability to distribute or post any article, from any site, in a matter of a few clicks. Repost.Us is for everyone who creates original online content — from individual bloggers to major media companies. It costs money to create quality content, and with Repost.Us, there is now an easy way to get a better return on that investment through instant, monetized syndication. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.