Free “My Tracks for Android” App Syncs GPS Trails with Google Docs & Maps: Awesome!

EveryTrail on an iPhone 3G (left) – MyTracks on a Droid (right)

In my previous blog post

EveryTrail Pro: Easy to Use GPS Enabled App Hobbled by iPhone’s GPS in City Streets

I noted using a Droid with a free trail tracking app to compare with an iPhone 3G.

My Tracks for Android

As you can see in the photo of the two devices (iPhone 3G and Droid) side-by-side at the end of my test walk, MyTracks provided a closer to reality track/trail of my actual walk compared to the iPhone. I’ve noted this difference using several different apps on the iPhone and Android-based Droid. The only tested app available on both the Droid and iPhone is Google Maps. And, yes, I’ve noted differences there too leading me to believe I’m looking at a GPS hardware (or firmware) related difference.

MyTracks has two great features that you should definitely know about:

1. It can upload information about each trip (walk, run, etc.) to a Google Docs’ spreadsheet. The name of the trip, date, total time, moving time, distance, average speed, maximum speed, and a bunch of other interesting information is provided in a spreadsheet row for each recorded trip.

2. It can upload your trip trail to Google Maps. These trails are stored in the My Maps layer.

You need to have a Google account for these two great features to work, of course.