Free Mink for Lindsey and Obama is FIT; PR Firms Continue to Spam WIRED


(Lindsay Lohan steals mink, nightclub pitches Wired)

Despite thousands of blog posts and comments out there on the Chris Anderson PR spam issue, the lessons aren’t getting through. We suspect the combination of the temptations of mail-merge features of programs like Vocus and pressure to land blog placements will keep PR bloggers in posts like this for years to come.

Noah Shactman, Wired’s Danger Room blogger (and mediabistro Circus speaker this week) took a moment at 3 AM to out a few of the least appropriate.

One is on behalf of a nighclub owner looking to buy Lindsey Lohan her very own mink, and another is to tout Barack Obama’s buffness. So close to geeky defense tech, yet so far.