Free MiniCards from Bebo

Bebo, which is one of the most popular social networks today, has joined the Moo to offer possibility for users to print 100 MiniCards of their Bebo photos.


Now Bebo users can have 100 MiniCards for only $19.99 with their photos from Bebo on them. Besides you can also get 10 MiniCards for free, but you need to hurry up, because 10,000 free sets and I think they will disappear very soon.

Speaking about free Moo cards – this marketing approach have been already proved by Skype and, according to buzz what was made, I think, it was very successful. But any way Moo MiniCards is cool thing to have and if you want to give your phone number to girl you will met this weekend try Moo MiniCards I’m sure it will create nice first impression.

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