Hint: Those Free iPads On Facebook Will Cost You

If you’re on Facebook there’s a fairly good chance that at some point in the past few weeks one of your friends has invited you to an “iPad Research Program” or something similar which promises you a free iPad. The promotions, which have been primarily sent through Facebook Pages, are actually just more covers for the same IQ quiz scams we’ve seen in the past which leave the user feeling pretty dumb after they end up with $30 fees on their phone bill.

So how does this scam work? Just like the scam Facebook groups that we’ve covered in the past, these Facebook Pages start off by promising something that the user desires: in this case it’s a free iPad. The users are then encouraged to become a fan of the Facebook Page and invite all of their friends before they are redirected to a scam site like this one.

Using CPALead, the same company we highlighted before as being used by these scammers, visitors to the page are asked to complete an action, before they can fill out the form to request the free iPad. Once the user registers for an IQ Quiz (which is not a very smart thing to do), they are then redirected back to the site. The supposed “iPad research company” is then rewarded with $1 for getting the user to complete the IQ Quiz.

In this case, there doesn’t appear to be anything to suggest that this is even a legitimate program, in contrast to the old free iPod offers, which were actually legitimate. The best thing to do is to avoid these Facebook Pages all together. While Facebook appears to be shutting them down occasionally, they often grow to hundreds of thousands if not millions of users.

The bottom line is this: do not become a fan of free iPad testing pages or groups because you won’t get anything for free.