Free Gifts for Everyone

Amazin GiftboxMy good friend Amit Gupta just let me know about his new application. Amazin’ Giftbox enables users to give free gifts to their friends. The difference between these gifts and typical gift applications is that you can add any gift directly from Amazon. I have to say that this is a relatively materialistic application, but if you would like to give virtual versions of actual products than this is the application for you. I decided to give a virtual elmo to my friend Charlotte, and now it will provide hours of enjoyment! There are plenty of other free gift applications including the Free Gifts application that has over 3 million users. The main difference though is that all the other free gift applications have a random image as a gift. That’s the difference with the Amazin’ Giftbox, you can provide virtual versions of their material counterparts. If you want to give your friends virtual gifts go grab the Amazin’ Giftbox application.