Free Form for Your Blog Reduces Spam

youglerLooking for more blog comments and feedback? Yougler, a blog profile tool and WordPress plugin, promises spam-free results.
Create a profile page for your blog and you’ll receive a contact form that will forward e-mail to your inbox. If you utilize the plugin, the profile link will be automatically appended to each post.

The company aims to end the days of ‘protecting’ your e-mail address by posting it in a ‘safe’ fashion. (i.e. – andrew @ OR andrew at rotorblog dot com.).

No server-side programming scripts. Just a simple, free contact form that can be employed by just about anyone.


Yougler also allows bloggers to create multiple profiles. Whether it is multiple authors on one blog or one writer with multiple blogs, Yougler allows users to tailor each profile specifically to each author and blog. Yougler can then forward all messages to one e-mail address or more.

The Website can also act as a way to find your favorite blogs. However, as of now, you have to search by Yougler name, which might not be the most effective way to do this. How much more visible a Yougler White Pages Profile will make your blog remains to be seen, but we’re fans of anything that kills spam dead in its tracks.