Free eBook: ‘The Moon, Come to Earth’

It’s the beginning of the month again, and that means it’s time for the University of Chicago Press. This month the UCP is giving The Moon, Come to Earth, a memoir by Philip Graham.

This ebook was originally published in 2009, and it’s built on a series of anecdotes that Graham had written for McSweeney’s detailing his experiences during a year spent in Portugal with his wife and daughter.

Casting his attentive gaze on scenes as broad as a citywide arts festival and as small as a single paving stone in a cobbled walk, Graham renders Lisbon from a perspective that varies between wide-eyed and knowing; though he’s unquestionably not a tourist, at the same time he knows he will never be a local. So his lyrical accounts reveal his struggles with (and love of) the Portuguese language, an awkward meeting with Nobel laureate José Saramago, being trapped in a budding soccer riot, and his daughter’s challenging transition to adolescence while attending a Portuguese school—but he also waxes loving about Portugal’s saudade-drenched music, its inventive cuisine, and its vibrant literary culture.

You can find this ebook on the University of Chicago website as a free download for the month of July. For more free eBooks, check out our Free eBook of the Day archive.