Free eBook of the Day: Martin Eden

We’re inaugurating a new feature here at eBookNewser, the Free eBook of the Day, where, a few times a week, we’ll point you in the direction of a highly worthy electronic read that you can download for $0. First up, Martin Eden by Jack London, available as an EPub or PDF download from Google Books.

Martin Eden was published in 1909. It’s a semi-autobiographical novel about its author’s own struggle to attain literary fame. Martin is a gruff sailor-type who falls in love with a beautiful society girl. To win her over, he begins a prolonged course of self-improvement, which eventually leads him to fiction writing, years of rejection, sudden fame, and despondence. If it sounds like the average first novel by any MFA’er, don’t be fooled–it’s not. It’s amazing. And, it’s free, so what have you got to lose.

If you know of a free eBook that might be worth featuring, let us know using the anonymous tips box above (though be warned, we’re unlikely to take you up on the suggestion if it’s your own self-published eBook).