Free eBook: ‘Ghost and Jacob Moorhead’

This supernatural/historical romance is our free eBook today.

Verity Tomlinson, the daughter of the late Earl of Everston’s son and his housekeeper’s sister, feels as if she is neither fish nor fowl. It certainly would not be proper to wed the late earl’s heir and she will not become his mistress.

But it is not certain Jacob Moorhead will inherit. Only if he gives up his rakish life in London and lives for a year on the estate in the wilds of Yorkshire will the Hall become his.

While Jacob does his best to contravene none of the requirements for inheriting, he also has to deal with the sprightly ghost of the deceased earl who has very clear notions on how Jacob should — or should not — live his life. To complicate matters further, the earl’s eccentric daughter is in great danger as a result of her last adventure overseas.

You can find this eBook at Amazon and B&N. It’s also available at All Romance and direct from the publisher, where you can find it DRM-free.