Free eBook: Appley Dapply by Beatrix Potter

Today’s free eBook is a lesser known work by the famous children’s author Beatrix Potter.  It’s a collection of 7 poems written and illustrated by Potter.

Appley Dapply was not well received by critics, with one describing it as “the last squeezings of an almost dry sponge“. But we are offering it as today’s free eBook becuase it’s also available (today only) as an enhanced eBook in iTunes.

Sideways has created an iPad app based on Appley Dapply and added narration as well as animations. The app is only free today and I thought someone might be interested.

If you don’t have an iPad, then I think you might be out of luck. This title isn’t showing up on Project Gutenberg or any other website. I am a tad surprised, but I couldn’t even find a copy in the Internet Archive.


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