Free AT&T Mobile Remote Access iPhone App Lets You Control Your DVR

Screenshot courtesy of AT&T

AT&T doesn’t provide U-verse video in my neck of the woods. But, if they did, I have to admit that I’d probably download this free app and give it a try…

AT&T Mobile Remote Access 1.0.1

You can read more about in AT&T’s press release found here…

New iPhone and iPod Touch Application from AT&T Lets Customers Schedule U-verse TV DVR Recordings on the Go

AT&T says that their U-verse DVR customers…

can now use a free application from the Apple App Store to make scheduling and managing recordings on their DVR even easier when they’re away from home. The U-verse TV Mobile Remote Access App for iPhone and iPod touch lets customers record their content from virtually anywhere and is another example of U-verse TV applications and DVR enhancements that have been rolled out to customers at no extra charge.

The app allows users to easily search U-verse TV program listings from the full program guide, view descriptions of selected programs, schedule program or series recordings, manage or edit scheduled recordings, and delete stored DVR content.