Free Apps to Get Help You Get Going with Windows Phone 7

So, you just bought a Windows Phone 7 device. What should you do next? Here’s a list of free apps I’ve been playing with that you might find interesting.

1. AP Mobile: News
2. Attentive Phone (HTC only): Responds to HTC phone positioning. E.g., turn upside down during call to turn on speakerphone
3. Facebook
4. Flixster: Current movies & DVDs information
5. IMDb: Historical & current movie information
6. Netflix (requires monthly fee for streaming service): Streaming video
7. Photo Enhancer (HTC only): Applies photo effects to camera photos
8. Twitter
9. Unite: Simple but entertaining rolling ball puzzle game
10. Weatherbug: Weather

Note that two of the free apps appear to be only available from HTC for HTC phones.

Some much needed apps are still missing. Evernote comes to mind as one example (along with eWallet, Kindle reader, and Audible audio book apps). However, in the specific case of Evernote, their mobile friendly website can provide some functionality for your Windows Phone 7 device.