Frederator’s Female Animation Project Raises Nearly $800K on Kickstarter

Bee and Puppycat nearly matches Freddiew

The people have spoken. There will be more Bee and Puppycat.

A few weeks ago, the YouTube-centric animation studio Frederator started a Kickstarter campaign for Bee & Puppycat, a series created by one of the writers from the Cartoon Network hit Adventuretime. The goal was to raise $600,000 to bring the pilot to series.

As of Wednesday evening Bee and Puppycat had already pulled in $773,320 from over 16,000 contributors, with 21 hours remaining in the Kickstarter fundraising period. That means the show, aimed at an underserved female animation fan base, will come close to matching the $800,000 raised via Kickstarter by Freddie Wong and Matt Arnold for their eye-opening YouTube hit Video Game High School.

Thus, Bee & Puppycat seems a sure bet to join Frederator's Cartoon Hangover lineup (the pilot has already generated 1.7 million views). Another example of the huge power and passion of the YouTube audience.


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