Frederator Studios’ Two-Season Hangover

Team behind Adventure Time announces return of Bravest Warriors

The team behind the culty, slightly weird Cartoon Network hit Adventure Time is set to roll out Season 2 of the animated Web series Bravest Warriors.

The show, the brainchild of Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward, returns to the Cartoon Hangover YouTube channel on Oct. 17. Season 1 of Bravest Warriors saw most episodes attract close to 4 million views each—32 million views overall, said officials.

Cartoon Hangover is one of a handful of animation-centric YouTube channels produced by Frederator Studios, which is run by Fred Seibert, a programming veteran credited with making Nickelodeon the top kids brands in the 1990s and shepherding Cartoon Network hits like Dexter's Laboratory and Power Puff Girls.

With Hangover and Bravest Warriors, the fledgling firm is looking to get aggressive on both the programming and licensing fronts. Season 2 features 12 five-minute episodes every Thursday at 4 p.m. Dozens of shorts are also in the works, including Dead End, about a haunted WiFi connection.

The company is promoting Bravest Warriors on Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram. According to Frederator executives, the Cartoon Hangover channel has already reached 13 million unique viewers and counts nearly 800,000 subscribers.

“The Internet is ushering in the next golden age of animation," said Seibert in a statement. "We created Cartoon Hangover to hurry it up and give tomorrow’s hitmakers a platform to show their creations to big audiences who deserve and are craving quality animation, wonderful writing and great characters."

Beyond animation, Frederator Studios has inked deals with 15 manufacturers to develop merchandise featuring the show's characters, including Catbug and Impossibear. Bravest Warriors toys are also available in Walmart and other retailers.