Freaky Friday: The TV edition

plumber-753223.gifWe can’t help but notice: First, Fox announces that the saviour of its TV stations business is the Latin American telenovela – or at least, an Anglicized version thereof.

Now, the BBC is reporting that four, Latinized versions of “Desperate Housewives” are headed to Ecuador, Argentina and Colombia with a Portuguese version headed to Brazil.

Among the astonishing changes to retrofit Teri and pals for South America?

Fernando Barbosa, senior vice president of [Buena Vista International’s] Latin America division, said the new versions of Desperate Housewives would resemble telenovelas – a traditional Spanish and Portuguese TV serial format.

“In the US version there’s a plumber (actor James Denton) in that neighbourhood,” Mr Barbosa explained. “In Latin America, a plumber is very unlikely to live in such type of neighbourhood, so we’ll have to switch that profession.”

Wow. Plumbers don’t make a mint plumbing in South America? This truly is a freaky Friday.