Freakonomics Blog And To Split; Jobs Available

The Freakonomics blog and are parting ways, reports Forbes’ Jeff Bercovici.

The blog has been hosted by the New York Times since 2007, but now the blog is moving to its own home, at It’s just gotten too big, says Freakonomics journo Stephen J. Dubner.

Dubner told Bercovici:

We’re taking indie again because, even though the 3.5 years with has been beyond great, a lot has changed in our universe since then — the film, a radio show, more books, etc. — and we’ve got a big appetite for uniting all these things, and a few more things, into one tight-knit little media channel known as And we just couldn’t do that if the blog still lived at

And now for the job announcement:

Chad Troutwine, who produced last fall’s “Freakonomics” documentary, “recently sent around an email soliciting candidates for an ‘editor and media strategist’ to run the new site,” writes Bercovici.

The e-mail continues:
“As Employee #1, this person will have the chance to take an influential position in what we believe will be a media juggernaut (OK, that may be a stretch, but we are confident in the site’s ability to attract millions of visitors almost immediately). We are not publicly announcing the NY Times migration in advance, so please keep this confidential for now.”