Frankly, You Know We’re Wright

Dear Copy Editors,

A quick rant and then we promise to leave you alone. We understand that you have a difficult job in the newspaper business these days, what with layoffs and cutbacks and all that, and we feel for you, we really do. But just because famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright has a surname that sounds like “Right” is no excuse to get out of hand and go completely nuts. We bring to your attention this letter to the editor of the Augusta Chronicle entitled “Architecture, Art, Come Alive [the] Wright Way” which we learn is a response to a piece in the paper entitled “The Wright Touch.” This is inexcusable. One we’d be okay with, sure, because we’re all proud of ourselves when we can make a quick pun. But two? Two Wright/Right jokes?! That’s too much and has forced us to demand you to choose one of two options: 1) stop all zany Wright headlines entirely, or 2) if you can’t resist, we must insist that you do this for all famous architects — so we’ll be expecting things like “Don’t Get Gehry’d Away This Summer!”, “The Silver of Stirling”, and “What a Nouvel Idea” (you’re on your own with Libeskind, Calatrava, and Le Corbusier). We don’t mean to be a pain, really we don’t, we just want to nip all of this in the Hadid before it gets any more ridiculous.


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