Franklin Center V.P. Sick of ‘Shoddy Reporting’

Steven Greenhut, vice president of journalism for the non-profit Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity, has quite a beef with a wide variety of media outlets these days. Namely that some reporters assume a lot, publish what they want, be it true or not, and never contact him for comment.

In a piece published in the liberal HuffPost, Greenhut names names and lays out specifics on stories on his organization that have gotten under his skin. He calls out the Guardian, “Democracy Now!” syndicated on NPR, Media Matters, the Center for Public Integrity and Columbia Journalism Review.

An excerpt:

“My recent experience on the receiving end of a series of supposed exposes has left me rethinking my tendency to cut fellow journalists some slack. I’ve been appalled by the shoddy reporting techniques used to try to embarrass the organization where I work — frustrated by reporters who don’t get the other side of the story and who seem uninterested in investigating anything, but merely want to play a game of ‘gotcha.'”

“…My beef isn’t with these publications’ ideology or biases — bias is an inescapable part of being human — but with their lack of standards and ethics.”

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