Frankenstein The App

Like Penguin has done with On the Road and Touch Press did with The Waste Land, Profile Books has taken a classic and tricked it out to make it an enhanced eBook.

Working with author Dave Morris and software company inkle, Profile Books has created an interactive version of Mary Shelley‘s Frankenstein for the iPad and iPhone. The app includes the classic story but it has been re-imagined in revolutionary France. Adapting the original text, the story also has newly created graphics and animations.

Morris stated: “It’s a literary experience where the reader can explore the text, creating a unique and personal experience of this rightly world-famous work. As the plot unfolds, you wil develop a personal relationship with the main characters. That’s why we’re describing it as interactive literature – it’s a truly new kind of novel for the digital age.”

The app comes out April 26th and will sell for $4.99.