Frank Sinatra, Justin Bieber, YouTube, The Simpsons and More on This Week’s Top 20 Growing Facebook Pages

There were a few Page consolidations, tech companies, TV shows, a movie, a football star and a ton of music Pages on our list of the top 20 growing Facebook Pages by Likes this week. The Pages on our list grew from between 469,800 and 2.8 million Likes, we measure the growth of Pages with our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

1. Official Grease Movie4,049,861+2,872,658+244%
2. Justin Bieber31,639,272+1,840,435+6%
3. Frank Sinatra1,379,928+1,147,692+494%
4. Katy Perry29,795,798+1,018,609+4%
5. Facebook46,455,060+772,406+2%
6. Rihanna38,576,532+750,215+2%
7. Shakira34,897,651+712,587+2%
8. YouTube39,774,667+695,896+2%
9. Eminem41,410,217+686,422+2%
10. Lady Gaga38,917,740+631,667+2%
11. The Simpsons30,579,998+605,242+2%
12. AKON26,213,931+546,574+2%
13. South Park30,478,951+534,409+2%
14. Lil Wayne27,609,379+517,717+2%
15. Cristiano Ronaldo29,450,247+513,317+2%
16. Harry Potter26,962,686+505,338+2%
17. Family Guy33,739,954+494,361+1%
18. Linkin Park30,993,148+479,600+2%
19. Beyoncé24,494,086+476,663+2%
20. Avril Lavigne22,537,542+469,770+2%

Topping the list was the Official Grease Movie Page, with 2.8 million new Likes, totaling more than 4 million. Then there was the Frank Sinatra Page with 1.1 million new Likes, growing the Page to 1.3. million. Each of these Pages grew by the millions of Likes in the span of two days, suggesting consolidations of unofficial Pages.

Also on the list were a few tech companies, Facebook with 772,400 new Likes to grow to 46,5 million and YouTube with 695,900 new Likes to grow the Page to 39.7 million. Then there were media Pages. “The Simpsons” grew by 605,200 Likes to each 30.5 million. “South Park” grew by 534,400 Likes to reach 30.4 million by promoting Like-gated content and “Family Guy” grew by 494,400 to reach 33.7 Likes by publishing photos and videos related to the show. “Harry Potter” grew by 505,300 Likes to come in just under 27 million Likes after releasing more trailers and media information as the countdown to the final film continues.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Page grew by 513,300 Likes to reach 29.4 million. The rest of the Pages are music.

Justin Bieber’s Page grew by 1.8 million Likes by promoting his new video and single, as well as asking fans to vote for him in an MTV contest. Katy Perry’s Page added over 1 million Likes by providing new photos and video updates. Rihanna’s Page grew by 750,200 Likes with Twitter updates, tour photos and updates. Shakira’s Page added 712,600 Likes after updating from her tour with videos. Eminem’s Page grew by 686,400 Likes.

Lady Gaga’s Page grew by 631,700 Likes with a combination of promoting her new album and marriage equality, and also asking fans to vote for her on MTV’s contest. AKON’s Page grew by 546,600 Likes to reach 26.2 million, Lil Wayne’s page grew by 517,700 Likes to 27.6 million and Linkin Park grew by 479,600 Likes to almost 31 million after promoting their song on a summer blockbuster soundtrack. Beyoncé continued to promote her upcoming album, adding 476,700 Likes to reach 24.5 million and Avril Lavigne added 469,800 Likes to reach 22.5 million after updating and asking for support on that MTV nomination.