Frank Rich is Feeling Great

Frank Rich is loving New York after such a long career at The New York Times. He tells Adweek that he doesn’t miss the paper as much as he thought he would, and that working with Adam Moss has been fantastic. When pressed about why he left the Times, Rich offers up the – appropriately enough – dull answer that he was essentially bored, and wanted to do something new.

Rich hasn’t lost his love for the Times though, saying that the phone hacking scandal has put the paper in a better place than ever:

The New York Times has, as long as I can remember, set the agenda for American journalism, even if it’s in reaction against it. Now, with what’s going on with the Murdoch empire, they’re in an even stronger position because that’s been seriously destabilizing.

He also says that the move from writing about theater to politics is natural for him, and that he might go back to covering the former one day. If you’re a Rich fan check out the rest of the interview, but trust us when we say we just covered the most interesting parts.

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