Frank Ocean, Anderson Cooper Revelations Speak Volumes

Frank Ocean, the Odd Future singer with an upcoming solo album “Channel Orange,” has revealed in a letter on his Tumblr that he’s bisexual. The missive was published mere days after Anderson Cooper revealed that he’s gay. Cooper’s revelation wasn’t greeted with quite as much surprise as Ocean’s, but both are being regarded as large steps towards increasing the visibility of the LGBT community.

“But with each coming out, our society is changed a little. Gayness is made a little more acceptable. The shame is rejected a little more,” writes Touré for TIME.

“The visibility of gay and transgender people is a big part of the foundation for LGBT equality,” The Washington Post wrote about Anderson Cooper. “Cooper is a powerful image that you should be loved and valued as a human being, and that image is important.”

The issue of same-sex marriage has certainly brought LGBT rights to the forefront of our political and cultural discussions. But the issue has become one of an overall acceptance of the LGBT members of our society. Celebrities bring even greater attention to an issue. In this case, these two well-known names are bringing a lot of positive attention to a topic that deserves it. And possibly helping others who are struggling to talk openly about their lives and loves find a way to do just that.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Frank Ocean, we’ve got the video above for his song “Novacane.” Kind of NSFW.

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