LA Times Gets the Jump on Latest McCourt News

Score one for Bill Shaikin of the LA Times (pictured). He was first to report this morning that Frank and Jamie McCourt have reached a mediated settlement in their divorce dispute.

Shaikin’s item is getting picked up left, right, and center this AM by USA Today, ESPN, and many others. This is how you maintain the home plate cred of an embattled newspaper, by making sure that you can still out-hustle competing outlets to a nearby, downtown scoop.

The McCourt settlement is contingent on a couple of big “ifs.” The massive Fox Sports contract that Frank re-negotiated before MLB took over the team has to come through, and at an upcoming one-day special trial, he needs to hope that a judge does not deem to Dodgers to be California community property.

Meanwhile, sportswriters continue to resist the fact that the current Dodgers owner shares the same name as that of the late Pulitzer Prize winning Irish-American author of Angela’s Ashes. But if-when some enterprising scribe veers in that opus direction, may we suggest the headline “Chavez’s Carcass.”