Frank Gehry’s Stalled Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation Seems Back on Track

Last week when a surprise decision was made by a Parisian judge to block the construction of Frank Gehry‘s Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation, we suspected that the move was more posturing than permanent. Now it looks like it was as such and Gehry’s building might soon be on track. ArtInfo points our way to this reporting in La Monde, indicating that the government is pushing to have the judge’s decision overruled, with construction of the Foundation “a public good.” Legislators were able to make the move much like they are within our own government, by slipping an amendment into a completely unrelated bill. If you’re up to date on your French lessons, the whole story is here. If you’re feeling a bit rusty, here’s the news filtered through Google Translate, resulting in a semi-readable, occasionally-incoherent report. The ultimate take away is that, as most knew when the ruling came down, most expected it only to be temporary, considering the bulk of Parisian legislators who backed the building.