Frank Gehry Wants to Appease NCPC and the Eisenhower Family Over Planned Memorial

After last week’s surprise drubbing at the hands of the National Capitol Planning Commission and members of the Eisenhower family, architect Frank Gehry got himself out in front of the debate earlier this week to try and smooth the situation over a bit concerning his planned Eisenhower Memorial in Washington DC. At the meeting last week, you might recall, the NCPC still wasn’t certain about the dimensions and scope of the project, while some members of the Eisenhower family asked that the whole project be put on hold, wanting to slow the whole thing down so they’d be able to think it all through more clearly. The Washington Post reports that in a meeting on Tuesday evening, Gehry admitted that the issues people were having with the memorial were “fair” and that they “are asking good questions.” What’s more, the architect reportedly explained that this is the sort of project that takes on lots of thinking and revisions as it goes along, and that he’s planning to agree to the family’s request for a meeting to make sure he gets the memorial right. “We’re clearly going to make them happy,” he told the Associated Press. Though if none of that works in appeasing everyone, we bet that Gehry will have no choice but to reassemble his Super Tech Squad and demand things go his way…or else.